The Production Advantage

The Production Advantage

There are many aspects that affect the quality colostrum. The “New Zealand Advantage” ensures that the colostrum offered by MIP Colostrum is of the highest quality available on the market and our manufacturing process also stands out from the crowd due to the efficiency and care we apply to protect the rich source of essential immune factors, proteins and other nutrients.

The Process

We have noted previously that we utilize only the colostrum from the very first two milkings from the cows on our certified farms. This is because the newborn calves require an adequate supply of colostrum to grow up big and strong, and to ensure their immune systems are strong enough to protect them against viruses, parasites and bacteria at such a young age.

Once the colostrum has been collected, we chill the substance and transfer it directly to our processing plant for same-day processing.

We follow the international standard for pasteurization of colostrum, which consists of a 15-second pasteurization at 72 degrees Celsius. This marks the end of the processing – hereafter the colostrum is transferred to a bottling facility, where the final product is produced.

During the bottling process, we utilize a special ‘energizing process’ that is unique to MIP Colostrum. This process plays a very important role in the quality of our products as it helps increase the biological activity of the active components found in the colostrum. This, in turn, means the user will gain the maximum benefit by using our supplements.

Thanks to our unique approach to the production of our MIP Colostrum supplements, MIP Colostrum’s range of supplements offer a much stronger dose than many of the other colostrum supplements on the market, and is more easily absorbed by the body.

Additional facts of our production process:


Our MIP Colostrum is de-fatted for two main reasons.

Firstly, the fat within the colostrum doesn’t contain any biologically active proteins. In fact by removing the fat, the concentration of the biologically active proteins (generally IgG is the one measured) is increased.

Secondly, fat is prone to oxidisation, so the shelf life of our colostrum supplement would be reduced if the fat wasn’t removed.


Our MIP Colostrum is pasteurised as over the life of the cow, manure can easily splash onto the udders contaminating them with E-coli, salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria. This creates the potential for contamination of dairy products.

It is pasteurised to satisfy the most demanding International Standards (72ºC for 15 seconds), so that the highest microbiological quality is assured, and the biological activity of the components is maintained.

The Unique Energising Process

MIP Colostrum’s purity and enhanced biological activity is ensured by the unique energizing process applied during bottling, means that you get a significantly better and faster result. You need only to take one to two capsules or one teaspoon of powder per day where other products can require you to take four times as much.

No Unnecessary Coating

Research has shown that the molecular structure of bovine colostrum is identical to human colostrum. So why would we put a coating around a substance that is identical to breast milk? Uncoated MIP Colostrum is ‘Natures perfect food’ and offers far more benefits than coated Colostrum. It is a very successful aid for the whole digestive system including the stomach lining and tissues.

Strict Quality Control Procedures

  • The final product is sampled and tested for chemical, sensory and microbial parameters using internationally recognised procedures in an ISO 17025 certified laboratory.
  • During storage and shipment, precautions are taken to ensure that product quality is maintained.
  • Each package is given a batch number to enable trace back.
  • Manufacturing premises operate under a Risk Management Programme approved by NZ Food Safety Authority. This programme incorporates a HACCP programme and certification to ISO 22000 and 14001.
  • The bottling plant is GMP certified.
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