The New Zealand Advantage

The New Zealand Advantage

When you shop for colostrum supplements, you should take into consideration the various factors that can affect the quality, effectiveness and absorbability of the colostrum – as this will in turn affect how beneficial the colostrum is for you and your loved ones as well as how large the daily recommended intake is (which could result in you paying more!).

Sourced from the South Island of New Zealand

The dairy cows which MIP Colostrum is sourced from are all grass-fed, they spend their time in the outdoors.

Grass-fed New Zealand dairy herds develop stronger immunity to a wider range of pathogens than those which are fed processed feed, receive artificial hormone supplements or are kept indoors. This is because pasture raised cows are more exposed to the elements.

Free of Nasty GMO, Pesticides and Antibiotics

Colostrum can be sourced from cows in any part of the world, be it the United States, Africa or – in our case – New Zealand. Every country has different regulations and practice standards that overlook and monitor the raising of cows.

Typically, in many countries, cows are fed genetically modified foods, synthetic hormones and, in some cases, antibiotics. These additives to the food cows eat aim to get the cows to grow faster and increase farm profits.

However, when cows are fed synthetic hormones, genetically modified foods and other such substances, it also affects their bodies – including both their meat and the milk they produce. Unfortunately, this means that the nutrient content found in the milk – and, of course, the colostrum – of these cows will be adversely affected and contain these nasty chemicals.

Strict New Zealand quality standards ensure New Zealand MIP Colostrum is free from preservatives, antibiotics and other food additives. It is also free of rBST (synthetic hormones), which is not licensed for use in dairy cows by the NZ Food Safety Authority. MIP Colostrum contains no genetically modified organisms, plants or animal products.

The Seasonal Advantages

New Zealand colostrum is only produced during a single three-month period every year. During this limited period of time, the best source of Colostrum is from the early milk (first 2 milkings) of pasture fed, non-hyperimmunised, healthy New Zealand cows. The temperate climate combined with our farming practices make New Zealand the absolute best supplier of Colostrum. Furthermore, New Zealand dairy products are renowned worldwide for their quality and consistency in both manufacturing and supply.

Same Day Processing Ensures Biological Activity

MIP Colostrum is collected and transported in a fresh chilled state from farms straight to the processing plant. This is made possible as calving only occurs during three months of the year in New Zealand (August to October), so there is enough stock for same day processing. This is a critical production advantage, because gentle handling, low temperature collection and same day processing technology preserve the active ingredients of MIP Colostrum.

Other colostrum’s are collected in batches (especially 6-hour colostrum), until there is enough to process. This means it must be stored for long periods of time before processing can commence, so it is frozen. Rapid freezing and rapid thawing techniques prior to processing cause damage to the protein molecules, which in turn compromise the biological activity of the colostrum.

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