Animal Health

Animal Health

As you know, MIP Colostrum has many health benefits for the human body but MIP Colostrum is not just for humans! ANY animal species benefits from MIP Colostrum. They love its taste and instinctively recognize the benefits. And Our MIP Colostrum Powder offers the perfect solution (for guidance on dosage click here).

There are quite a lot of uses for MIP Colostrum powder when it comes to animals – but importantly, there doesn’t necessarily have to be anything wrong with them to benefit from taking it. Just like humans, providing them with the many nutrients and beneficial components of colostrum daily will help improve their general health and fight against bacteria, skin problems and more – as both a preventative measure and specific treatment option!

The Benefits

When it comes to health concerns with your pets/animals, colostrum can provide them with a natural relief of the symptoms they are experiencing without causing any side-effects that could become present with the use of some pharmaceutical drugs. Also, just like with humans, MIP Colostrum can treat the issue at the source making it effective for short term relief, and long-term health! Below, we have outlined just some of the key benefits:

Immune Boost

Just like with the human body, one of the primary benefits of colostrum for animals is a much stronger immune system. This helps the animal combat diseases whilst also making them less prone to developing some common, yet dangerous diseases that affect animals.

Oral Issues

Oral hygiene of animals that consume colostrum on a regular basis is dramatically improved. Should the animal be suffering from any oral-related problems, such as gum problems or issues with their teeth, then adding colostrum to their meals every day could be an excellent way to reduce the issue and help them find relief from the discomfort.

Digestive & Gastrointestinal Support

Issues with their digestive system, as we have mentioned earlier. It is important to note this particular feature since many animals tend to develop certain problems that affect their gastrointestinal tract at some point in their lives, and they are unable to communicate symptoms such as bloating or a stomach pain to their owner.

Coat and Skin Improvement

Sometimes animals can start shedding their coat or can develop skin-related problems. With the use of colostrum, the quality of the animal’s hair will greatly improve and they will get their shiny coat back, once again. MIP Colostrum can also help take the itch out of skin related issues while also helping to heal wounds and stop the cause of the issue.

Age-Related Issues

As a dog or cat, or any animal for that matter, becomes older, they often tend to become less energetic. Their joints may start to stiffen and become painful and they may start to experience some unpleasant symptoms with their gastrointestinal tract and their digestive system.

Our customers say it best – click here for testimonials on how our customers pets and animals have benefited from MIP Colostrum. *link to animal health testimonial page.

Animal Dosage

When it comes to giving colostrum to animals, we offer our MIP Colostrum in powder form (both 80g pots and 500g bags) *link to product pages. This is a great and easy way to get your dog or cat – or even your horse – to take and enjoy colostrum. Or if you prefer you can also break open a MIP Colostrum Capsules *link to product pages.

Simply sprinkle MIP Colostrum powder over their food. The particular dosage depends on the size of the animal and the type of animal and we have given our general guidance below – as always if you have any questions on this, please do send us an email at


For small dogs, use approximately one teaspoon of MIP Colostrum powder over one of their daily meals.

For medium or large dogs, use one teaspoon of MIP Colostrum powder over their meal in the morning and another teaspoon in the evening.


Since cats are relatively small animals, only one particular dosage option is provided, which is to sprinkle a single teaspoon of MIP Colostrum powder over their meal once per day.


Horses are quite large animals, so they tend to require a higher dose of colostrum powder than smaller animals, such as dogs and cats. For best results, it is recommended to sprinkle approximately two teaspoons of MIP Colostrum powder over a horse’s food in the morning. The same dosage should be given to the horse later in the day – then sprinkle another two teaspoons of MIP Colostrum powder over the horse’s last meal of the day.

When administering MIP Colostrum Powder to an animal other than those listed above, the size of the animal should be matched to the sizes we have provided above.

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