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Gabi & Bruno Buechel moved to New Zealand in the mid-90’s with their young family and were immediately enchanted by the lifestyle and the clean environment that mirrored their passion for natural health and wellness.

They then started supplying natural health supplements worldwide in the year 2000, with MIP Colostrum as the flagship product.

Why New Zealand colostrum? It stood out to them from their own personal experience of the wide-ranging benefits which are due to the many unique advantages of the very special product. From start to finish – the environmental benefits the cows are raised in, to the seasonal advantages of New Zealand colostrum production to the high standard of regulation and production quality.

Over two decades later, MIP (MAXI Immuno Plus) Colostrum has become a well-established brand with an international reputation for quality, efficacy and trustworthiness. Shipping to over 70 countries worldwide from its location in the Bay of Plenty and resulting in thousands of satisfied and loyal customers.

The New Zealand Advantage

New Zealand’s global reputation is one of a clean, green paradise; this is reflected in the clean soil, water and air. Even the ocean that surrounds New Zealand allows marine life to flourish. New Zealand’s pure environment dramatically reduces the risk of contamination from heavy metals and pollutants seen so often in other countries.

Also – New Zealand is known for its seasonal hole in the ozone layer – but did you know this actually comes with a benefit? The hole in the ozone layer migrates from the Antarctic pole every year to sit directly over New Zealand. As a result, New Zealand’s natural resources have some of the highest bioactivity and nutrient levels in the world.

MIP Colostrum is sourced from grass fed dairy cows in the South Island of New Zealand. Thanks to New Zealand’s strict health and quality standards, MIP Colostrum is free from preservatives, antibiotics and other food additives. It is also free of rBST (synthetic hormones), which is not licensed for use in dairy cows by the NZ Food Safety Authority. MIP Colostrum also contains no genetically modified organisms, plants or animal products.

Government Enforced Standards

New Zealand’s quality standards are strictly enforced and overseen by the Government.

New Zealand is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) free country and remains Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) disease free. On top of this, an antibiotic and hormone-free policy in animal products is strictly enforced. New Zealand animals are raised and farmed to very strict standards of animal health and welfare. 

All MIP colostrum products are GMP manufactured and certified to strict New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and to standards accepted in the USA, Australia and Europe. Manufacturing premises operate under a Risk Management Program approved by NZ Food Safety Authority. This program incorporates a HACCP program and certification to ISO 22000 and 14001.

Our Customers Say it Best

"I love your product and have referred your website to others here in the USA. I’m true to YOUR product, although there are many out there. My health and well-being is a testimony of how well your product works! Thank you sincerely and enthusiastically!"

Theresa Ming-Barrowszz

"My name is Tanya Cooper and I will say that MIP Colostrum is a very good product. I take it for hayfever. From the time I get the symptons to taking it, it only takes 10 mins and I am completely better. No side effects from nasty chemicals. We also give our children who have eczema 1 capsule a day and it certainly helps. My elderly neighbour had extremely bad hayfever and has improved at least 80% and has only just started taking them. Our family definitely recommend MIP Colostrum. Thank God for your product. "

Tanya Cooper, Australia

"The whole family has been using MIP POWDER for 3 months now and we have all noticed our general well being has improved especially my son who has eczema and allergies has just experienced his first summer with no eczema rashes. I am now recommending this product to my mother in law who has similar health issues."

Phil G. Australia

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