Nature’s Perfect Immune Defense
MIP Colostrum strengthens the immune system and naturally helps the body protect against bacteria, viruses and parasites.
The New Zealand Advantage
The purity and enhanced bio-activity of MIP Colostrum ensures that you get a significantly better and faster result.
Anti-Aging Benefits
MIP Colostrum naturally contains Immunoglobulins and Amino Acids that help rejuvenate the body and mind, from the inside out.
Sports and Fitness
MIP Colostrum helps to improve recovery and tissue building and increases strength and stamina.
Animal Health
MIP Colostrum supports healing and vitality in your pets and farm animals. They love its taste and instinctively recognize the benefits.
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The rich and enhanced biological activity of MIP Colostrum is readily absorbed by the body, giving you powerful benefits, naturally!

New Zealand MIP Colostrum Advantages

New Zealand MIP colostrum is only produced during a single three-month period every year, due to the seasonal calving period. In this time MIP Colostrum is collected and transported in a fresh chilled state from farms straight to the processing plant. That’s creating a critical quality advantage compared to others that are collected and batch frozen (requiring rapid freezing and thawing techniques).

MIP Colostrum is sourced from naturally robust, healthy dairy cows in the South Island of New Zealand. Our cows live outdoors and feed year round on green pasture, producing the best nutritious and beneficial colostrum in the world.

MIP Colostrum is 100% pure and undiluted, regularly tested at 20-25% IgG. MIP Colostrum does not substitute skim-milk powder into its product as some competitors do.

Research has shown that the molecular structure of bovine colostrum is identical to human colostrum. MIP Colostrum is ‘nature’s perfect food’ – readily absorbed by the body and offers far more benefits than coated Colostrum. It is a very important aid for the whole digestive system, starting in your mouth when you chew.

New Zealand MIP Colostrum is produced in one of the cleanest places on earth. It is collected within 24 hours of birth after calves needs are met first. MIP Colostrum is certified from robust and healthy cows, free of rBST (synthetic hormones) and GMOs.

MIP Colostrum was launched in 2000. Trusted for over two decades, it has been shipped to over 70 different countries resulting in thousands of satisfied loyal customers.

Our Customers Say it Best

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MIP Colostrum has boosted my immune system. How could I know this you might be thinking, I run a fishing charter company and have a lot of close contact with people, 2000 a year, in the past I would catch many colds & flues but since taking MIP Colostrum I haven’t had any problems.

Gavin Solly, Australia

MIP Colostrum has worked wonders for me. After taking MIP I experienced less stomach complaints, a greater sense of energy and increased energy and hypertrophy of muscles after workouts.

Jaison Wardrop, USA

The whole family has been using MIP POWDER for 3 months now and we have all noticed our general well being has improved especially my son who has eczema and allergies has just experienced his first summer with no eczema rashes. I am now recommending this product to my mother in law who has similar health issues.

Phil G. Australia

I’ve been taking colostrum about 1 and half month and I feel a lot more energy, even after a long day I don’t feel tired like I used to be. Also I’ve been near to a lot of sick persons that relapsed many times and I am still holding 🙂

Kostas Z, Greece

Thank you so much for a great product. My two cats and dog fur is beautiful since using the powder. My one cat’s lymphoma has not worsened since using this. It is a fatal disease. I also take it and am very happy with it.” THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rhonda B, USA

Rhonda B, USA

I regularly exercise and have one of those pre-work out shakes beforehand. This Day Boost has been so easy to combine into my routine and its made such a difference! The taste is LOVELY and my body feels like it recovers way quicker and is stronger. I have also noticed that my ankle doesn’t get as inflamed after running long distance. Thanks!

Karen F, USA

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